A couple of years ago, my fiance dropped her iPhone while getting her keys to open her car door. She had been using it for few weeks with the broken glass and needed a screen replacment. I wanted to be her knight in shining armor and fix it for her. I did research on other repair places and saw a huge markup on parts and labor, so I decided to go at it myself.

I did a little research and took her phone apart.  Having been involved with electronics and computers all my life I realized that this phone is just a miniature computer.  I bought a screen for it and replaced it myself successfully.  That is when I started repairing phones on the side. I felt like I had found my passion, repairing electronics and helping people get their devices working again.  With further education, I am now a Certified Level 3 Cellular Master Technician that can repair most all phones. As a Level 3 technician I can provide board level component replacements utilizing soldering skills. There are only a few people in the Bay Area able to provide this level 3 service.

Bay Area Phone Doctor, LLC is a local Willow Glen business located right on the main strip of Lincoln Avenue.  It is operated and managed by Jamie and Linda Sizelove. Jamie has been into computers and electronics since childhood.  I look forward to meeting and serving the fine folks of Willow Glen and surrounding communities. I am a big supporter of supporting the local small businesses of Willow Glen.

My Guarantee

  • You will receive excellent customer service.
  • Prompt and precise communication about the repair.
  • Same day service on most repairs.
  • 1 yr warranty on certain screen repairs for manufacture defects and 90 days on all other parts.
  • Only high quality parts will be utilized for repairs.